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Judge! First Day Screening Event

On 11th January 2014, first day screening event for Judge! movie was held at Marunouchi Piccadilly Cinema. It was attended by casts Satoshi Tsumabuki (as Kiichiro Ota), Keiko Kitagawa (as Hikari Ota), Kyoka Suzuki (as Haruka Kizawa), Etsushi Toyokawa (as Ichiro Otaki), Akira Nagai (director of the movie) and Yoshimitsu Sawamoto (screenwriter).
A video message from Sakanaction, which in charge of opening and ending song for the movie, also showed at the event. This event also Kyoka Suzuki’s first public appearance after her marriage news with actor Hiroki Hasegawa.

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well well
another Sakuraisan fan

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Uwahhhhhh…NINOOOOOOO! I’m googling to search for sho magz interview but end up found this. He used to hv that awesome abs too minna….XDDDDD

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So Sakurai Shoさん went to Sochi for the Winter Olympics 2014 reporting… then flew back to Japan to perform live in Music Station with Arashi because the men’s Figure Skating is not part of his report and then flew back to Sochi to continue his report? This guy… seriously. Take a rest!

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Sho-chan sexy English

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Jun : “There’s someone that I curious about the most”
Sho : “What kind of person do you want to be?”
Lemon : “Fresh lemon ni naritai no~”
Sho : “Ah, I’ve seen it on TV”

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Sakumiya ❤︎

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XD today in ima kono kao ga sugoi

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Sho: Arashi often did recording with all of us, I love when we made circle and sing together, feel like the artist (laugh).

(Non-no 2014.04)

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