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Nino’s on Location?

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Osaka Day 1 Arashi no Waku waku gakkou!

Inside the dome!!! This was my first ever Arashi event. So no, I haven’t seen a concert yet! And I’m not yet fluent with Japanese but I survived. Basic Japanese + context clues + some translation from my friends + the experience of watching them on TV with no subs got me through. IT WAS BEYOND EPIC!! :) I loved all the segments! I’ll be doing a detailed event post soon! I even wrote on my notebook after to make sure I don’t forget any detail! Some highlights:

- they herded sheep!! live sheep! (Sakumoto and Ohba pair)

- Kenya is yet to come! haha Jun + Nino doing Mongolia during my show

- Eating bento with them! + Jun’s bento


- Aiba being cute trying to dance funky and 18 years of friendship down the drain. :P

- That marriage problem!!! And Nino kept saying stuff about timing. And Jun was very very RED! *ehem*

- FIRE!!!!!!!! + Major Ohno epicness! 

- Live Furusato, like real live singing! + Nino on guitar! :’)

- Using trolley carts to wave bye bye!

They did a lot of new things this year! :) IF wakku wakku gakkou made me this exhilirated, what more a concert!

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Arashi Shiyagare - 6/14/14 - Guest is actor Sasaki Kuranosuke

Guess the Sake Challenge - Sasaki vs Ohno

1) Blind taste test of the sake [Chotto Leader, what’s with the cute pouting face  (︶3︶)  ]

2) Nino filming with the hand held camera remarks that Sasaki-san is definitely drunk, he’s been smiling like crazy. Upon hearing this, Sasaki-san proceeds to take a nap………with Nino retorting “Don’t go to sleep here”

3) Ohno hearing Nino reaches out and touches Sasaki and realizes he actually is lying down and proceeds to lightly slap him “Don’t sleep while we’re in the middle of filming”

4) Sasaki grabs Ohno’s arm……..{Wait, is this the beginning of a new CP???)

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"Everything is appealing about Nino, there’s nothing else I can say. If I had to give him a catchphrase, then it would be “Almighty Man” for sure! In particular, I really admire his progress with magic. Everyone forgets to try to unravel the magic and instead get fascinated by Nino’s skillful sleights of hand. My number one memory with that Nino would definitely be “Ohmiya SK” (Ohno & Ninomiya combi’s legendary unit). We really shined in those days… but my enthusiasm towards forming “Ohmiya SK” again hasn’t changed even now! Maybe if you suddenly get some time off? That’s right, maybe we’ll also go to that trendy general goods store that you invited me to. I’m very interested in what the “Almighty Man” buys. And, this happens once in a while, but for some reason there are moments when I would think to myself that I don’t want to lose to you." 

"Nino is a person with a really good head on his shoulders. I still remember how when I first met him it felt like we’d already known each other for a long time. I’ve always been able to be open with him, as if we’re cousins or something. Even now, I’m always happy when he pays attention to me."

Rumor 14: Nino touches Ohno-kun’s butt instead of a normal greeting.
Nino: "If that’s what Leader says…"
Ohno: "Now it just seems natural."

Whenever I’m sitting in a chair, Nino’s hand…
Ohno: This rumor is true, isn’t it. When we see each other, he touches me almost every time.
Nino: Is that so? 
Ohno: You don’t remember?
Nino: I don’t. But if Leader says so, it must be true, right? It’s not like I especially think about touching you. I don’t remember doing it.
Ohno: I’m sure it’s become a habit for you. That’s why you’re not aware of it. The moment I sit down, Nino’s hand is casually on the chair. It’s not just my butt, sometimes he touches my nipples too…
Nino: Really? Aah, sorry about that (lol). 
The first time I thought “What the hell!?” but now it’s become so natural even I’ve stopped thinking about it . 

Nino touches people a lot, doesn’t he.
Ohno: Nino also doesn’t just touch me, he puts his arm around the other members’ shoulders a lot too, right?
Nino: That’s more just me leaning against people than putting my arm around their shoulders. It’s more comfortable that way .
Ohno: I see. It certainly does have that feeling. Speaking of which, your hand ends up on my knee a lot too, doesn’t it.
Nino: Hmmm, I guess so?
Ohno: People around us often say “Arashi are good friends” or “They touch each other a lot,” but if I think about it, maybe it’s Nino that’s creating this image. 
Nino: Maybe so. But the practical question is, what does Leader think about all of this touching?
Ohno: To be honest, I don’t know….. Because it’s become so normal to be touched. Now I don’t really know what it’s like when it’s not like that.
Nino: So what should we do from now on?
Ohno: Aah, I’ll leave that up to you. If you want, I’ll train until I’ve got a more attractive body that you’d would want to touch more. 
If you’re going to offer that much, then please do. 

Ohno Satoshi on Ninomiya Kazunari

/2 daays to gooo~ <3

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Ohno you are the man.

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