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I had a chance to talk to Arashi’s Sakurai-kun after a long time. We talked about dance too. When I said I admire Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake… Sakurai-kun said to me “our Justin is called Ohno”
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Papa pics @ Shanghai live viewing

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Toma face expression here is priceless..I love it so much..

How bad is the snack..hahaha

(BRI promotion 2012)

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Mizukawa Asami as Shizuka and Satoshi Tsumabuki as Nobita in New TOYOTOWN PASSO CM

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Favorite Nino Het!Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Yoshitaka Yuriko (2/2 - Post-GANTZ)

In the “If you were to give out ‘orders’ to each other” Column

If Yoshitaka were to give out ‘an order’ to Ninomiya….?

Become a house agent!

I want him to hunt for a house that is to my liking! For some reason, I feel that Ninomiya-san likes searching for things. He seems to be good at it. If he hunts for a house that perfectly fits my taste, I think I will come to like him a lot. But if the house is not to my liking, I’ll ask him to redo the search until a good one is found (Laugh). Because I don’t want to come to dislike him (Laugh). One more time, ok, please go out on a journey to hunt for a house (Laugh).

 -Popolo (2011.06)  [TL Credit: fullthrottle86 (Nina)]

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